Simple Conversations in English 6

Talking about special times

0:03 Talking about Christmas

  • A: What are you doing for Christmas?
  • B: I'm not sure. I usually go home to see my family.
  • A: Some of us are going to rent a cottage. It's in the middle of the countryside. Why don't you come too?
  • B: Thanks! That sounds really nice, but my Mum wouldn't be happy.
  • A: You could join us on Boxing Day.
  • B: That's a good idea! I might just do that.

0:45 Talking about a birthday

  • A: Happy birthday!
  • B: Thank you. We've been waiting for you.
  • A: It's Isobel's fault. She took so long to get ready.
  • B: You look gorgeous, Isobel.
  • C: Hey! You're the birthday girl! You look gorgeous too. Here's your present.
  • B: Oh, you shouldn't have.
  • C: It's just a little thing. I hope you like it.
  • B: I'm sure I will. You always know what to get me. Come over and sit down. We're having one more drink before we go to the club.

1:43 Talking about Valentine's Day

  • A: It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.
  • B: Thanks for reminding me. I haven't bought Rachel a card yet.
  • A: Do people still send secret Valentine's cards?
  • B: You mean, when they don't sign their name? I haven't done that since I was in school.
  • A: Same here. I wouldn't want one now.
  • B: No? Why's that?
  • A: Well, if an anonymous card was delivered to me, it would feel a bit creepy.
  • B: Would it feel like someone's watching you?
  • A: Yes! It's better if they just tell me in person.

2:37 Talking about being pregnant

  • A: I have some news - I'm pregnant!
  • B: Wow! You're going to have a baby?
  • A: Well, yes - that's what being pregnant means.
  • B: Very funny. Congratulations! how exciting!
  • A: And a bit scary.
  • B: I know. How far along are you?
  • A: Thirteen weeks.
  • B: You kept that quiet! When's it due?
  • A: In June.
  • B: A summer baby! Have you told Mum?
  • A: Yes, I told her this morning.
  • B: I bet she was pleased.
  • A: She was over the moon!
  • B: Do you know the sex yet?
  • A: No. We've decided to wait until it's born.
  • B: Well, I can't wait to have a little niece or nephew!


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