Simple Conversations in English 5

"Where are you?", "What are you doing?"

0:00 seconds:

  • A: Hi, where are you?
  • B: I'm at the cheese stall. Are you still at the jewellery stall?
  • A: Yes. I want to buy some earrings for Anna. Can you help me choose?
  • B: OK. Give me five minutes. I'm just buying some Gorgonzola.
  • A: Make sure it's well wrapped up.
  • B: I will. I don't want my bag to smell like your trainers.
  • A: Hey! My trainers don't smell.
  • B: Oh, yes they do! Ask Anna!

0:41 seconds:

  • A: Hey, where are you?
  • B: I'm still indoors but I'm nearly ready.
  • A: What are you doing?
  • B: I'm brushing my hair.
  • A: Hurry up!
  • B: I'm just putting my coat on.
  • A: What's taking you so long?
  • B: I can't find my bag.
  • A: We're going to be late!
  • B: I can't decide what shoes to wear.
  • A: We're going to the doctor's, not a nightclub!
  • B: OK, I'm ready. I'm on my way.

1:25 seconds:

  • A: Hi, where are you?
  • B: I'm in the supermarket.
  • A: Why are you in the supermarket?
  • B: I'm buying a sandwich.
  • A: I'm waiting for you in the cafe.
  • B: Oh! Are we having lunch today?
  • A: Did you forget?
  • B: Yes, sorry. I'm coming now.
  • A: It's OK. Lauren is keeping me company.
  • B: Good. I'll see you soon!

2:07 seconds:

  • A: Hi, what are you up to?
  • B: I'm watching Netflix.
  • A: What are you watching?
  • B: I'm rewatching 'Game of Thrones'.
  • A: Are you going out tonight?
  • B: I don't have any plans.
  • A: Do you fancy doing something?
  • B: Yes, I do. To be honest, I'm a bit bored.
  • A: I can get tickets for Side Wind.
  • B: I thought they were sold out?
  • A: Ben is ill. We can have his tickets.
  • B: Wow! That's great. Sorry - I don't mean it's great that Ben is ill.
  • A: I know what you mean. He's only got a cold, so don't worry about him!
  • B: OK, I'll see you tonight!


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