Simple Conversations in English 4

This is number 4 in our Conversations videos. It includes slightly longer conversations than previous videos.

In a bookshop

  • Customer: "Hello, I'm looking for a specific book, but I can't seem to find it."
  • Assistant: "Hello! I'd be happy to help. What's the title or the author of the book you're looking for?"
  • Customer: "It's called 'The Backpacker's Guide to Europe' by John Smith. It's quite new."
  • Assistant: "I see. Let me check our system to see if we have it in stock. Please wait a moment."
  • Assistant: "I'm sorry, but it seems we don't have the new Backpacker's Guide in stock. I can order it for you?"
  • Customer: "I was really hoping to get it today. Can you recommend something similar?"
  • Assistant: "Of course! We have a great selection of travel books. How about 'Europe in a Nutshell' by Lisa Turner? It's small and light but full of information."
  • Customer: "That sounds interesting. I'll have a look at it. Can you point me to it?"
  • Assistant: "Yes, it's in the non-fiction section, just over there, on the second shelf. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
  • Customer: "No, that's all for now. Thanks very much for your help."
  • Assistant: "You're welcome! If you have any more questions or need more help, I'm here. Enjoy your reading!"

In a restaurant

  • Diner: "Hello, I'd like a table for two, please."
  • Waiter: "Of course, right this way. "
  • Waiter: "Here's your menu. Would you like something to drink first?"
  • Diner: "I'll have a glass of water, please."
  • Diner 2: "Me too, thanks."
  • Waiter: "Certainly, I'll bring that right away. "
  • Waiter: "Have you dined with us before?"
  • Diner: "No, it's our first time here. What do you recommend?"
  • Waiter: "Our special tonight is the grilled salmon. And our pasta dishes are also quite popular."
  • Diner: "I'm in the mood for chicken. What's your best chicken dish?"
  • Waiter: "I would recommend our chicken Alfredo. It's a creamy pasta dish with tender grilled chicken. Does that sound good?"
  • Diner: "That sounds delicious! I'll go with that."
  • Diner 2: "And I'll have the special. Thank you!"
  • Waiter: "Great choices! I'll put those orders in for you. Enjoy your meal, and let me know if you need anything else."

Talking to a teacher

  • Student: "Hello, Mr Smith. Can I talk to you about my English classes?"
  • Teacher: "Of course. What's on your mind?"
  • Student: "Well, I think I'm doing OK with speaking and listening, but I'm having trouble with reading and writing."
  • Teacher: "Well, I'm glad that you came to me. It's easy to just avoid the areas we don't like. Can you tell me what's difficult for you in reading and writing?"
  • Student: "I don't understand big words when I'm reading, and I'm always making grammar mistakes when I'm writing."
  • Teacher: "I understand. Reading can be tough when there are unfamiliar words. And English grammar isn't easy - I know! Would you like some extra help and practice in these areas?"
  • Student: "Yes please. I want to apply for a job soon, and my English needs to be better."
  • Teacher: "That's a good incentive. I'm sure we can work on improving your vocabulary and writing skills. I can recommend some really helpful exercises to help you practice. And there's a new class, aimed at writing job applications. Would that interest you?"
  • Student: "That sounds like exactly what I need. Thank you very much!"
  • Teacher: "You're welcome. Just work on it step by step and you're sure to see improvements."


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