Simple Conversations in English 3

This is number 3 in our Conversations videos.

Talking about music

  • A: "What kind of music do you like?"
  • B: "I'm into hiphop and rap. How about you?"
  • A: "I'm a metal fan."
  • B: "I don't think we'll be going to concerts together, then."

Talking about local events

  • A: "Are you going to the fair this weekend?"
  • B: "Yes, I'm planning to. They've got a waltzer."
  • A: "That ride makes me sick! I think I'll just stick to the merry-go-round."

Talking about food

  • B: "I went to Joe's Pizza last night."
  • A: "That new place on the high street? How was it?"
  • B: "It's a really nice place - very friendly."
  • A: "What did you have?"
  • B: "I had the pepperoni pizza. It was so good!"

Talking about phone apps

  • B: "What apps do you use most? "
  • A: "I use Instagram and WhatsApp a lot. What about you?"
  • B: "I mostly use YouTube and Reddit."
  • A: "Who do you follow on YouTube?"
  • B: "Just a couple of gamers."

Talking about

  • B: "How was work today?"
  • A: "It was really busy. We've just started a new project."
  • B: "Do you like working on new projects?"
  • A: "I do, actually. It keeps it interesting, even though it's tiring."

Talking about achievements

  • A: "I heard you ran a marathon last week. Is that true?"
  • B: "I did! It was really tough, but I finished it."
  • A: "Well done! How long did it take you?"
  • B: "About four hours."
  • A: "You should be proud of yourself."


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