Simple Conversations in English 2

This is number 2 in our Conversations videos.

Talking about pets

  • A: "Have you got any pets?"
  • B: "Yes, I've got a dog called Bella."
  • A: "What kind of dog is she?"
  • B: "She's a labrador."
  • B: "She's really friendly."

Talking about trips

  • A: "I stayed with my friends at the beach at the weekend."
  • B: "Nice! How was the weather?"
  • A: "It was perfect. We swam every day."
  • B: "Lucky you!"

Talking about the cinema

  • B: "Do you go to the cinema much?"
  • A: "I do! Every week."
  • A: "I just saw "The Secrets of Shadow Lake."
  • B: "Is it as good as they say it is?"
  • A: "Definitely! It had me on the edge of my seat!"

Talking about local news

  • B: "Did you hear about the new shopping mall that's been opened?"
  • A: "Oh yes. I saw it on the news."
  • B: "Shall we go and check it out?"
  • A: "Sure. Let's go this Saturday."

Talking about travelling around

  • A: "Do you get the bus to work?"
  • B: "No, I usually take the train."
  • B: "It's faster."
  • A: "That's true. The bus can be really slow sometimes."
  • B: "Yes, especially during rush-hour."

Talking about sports

  • B: "Did you watch the game last night?"
  • A: "I did, but I didn't like the result."
  • B: "You shouldn't support such a rubbish team!"
  • A: "You're funny! That's the first game your team has won this season!"


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