Sentence Structure

Parts of a Sentence


This is usually the first part of a sentence. It tells you what the sentence is about.

  • Example 1: Cats love to chase mice.
  • Example 2: He dances gracefully.
  • Example 3: Jo goes to school every day.


The part of speech that describes what is happening or a state of being.

  • Example 1: Birds sing.
  • Example 2: He is a talented musician.
  • Example 3: They have a pet rabbit.


The part of a sentence that is affected by the action of the verb.

  • Example 1: The cat caught the mouse.
  • Example 2: They enjoy playing football.
  • Example 3: She loves chocolate.


A word for a person, place, thing or idea. It can be a subject or an object in a sentence.

  • Example 1: The dog barked loudly.
  • Example 2: Paris is a beautiful city.
  • Example 3: I want to write a book.


A word that describes a noun or pronoun.

  • Example 1: The red apple is mine.
  • Example 2: She is a brilliant student.
  • Example 3: It was a cold winter's night.


A word that describes a verb.

  • Example 1: She runs quickly.
  • Example 2: The story ended suddenly.
  • Example 3: He speaks softly.


A word that takes the place of a noun, to avoid repeating it.

  • Example 1: She is my best friend.
  • Example 2: The books are heavy, so carry them carefully.
  • Example 3: We are going to the movies.


A small word that comes before a noun and tells you whether it is specific or general.

  • Example 1: A cat sat on the roof.
  • Example 2: She is an artist.
  • Example 3: The sun sets in the west.


A word that shows the relationship between nouns in a sentence.

  • Example 1: The cat sat on the table.
  • Example 2: They walked through the park.
  • Example 3: He is in the shop.


A word that is used to connect two sections of a sentence.

  • Example 1: I wanted to buy a dress, but I didn't have enough money.
  • Example 2: She was tired, so she went to bed early.
  • Example 3: I like both chocolate and vanilla.

I have explained the rules in a simple way. This means that, in real life, you will find there is more to them, but this should give you a good start!


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